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Emmy-winning reporter Gillian Neff has been covering health topics for 16 years. She is currently a freelance reporter and anchor at News 12 Connecticut and also pursues her passion for medical news through Gillian Neff Health Reports’ blogs and videos.

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Incident Scene

My car looked like a crime scene. A black Yukon with dark tinted windows parked at a strange angle, the nose of the car pointing straight at my house, thrown into park in a crisis. Driver door left wide open. No driver to be found. As my husband got closer to the car, he saw […]

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Emmy-winning reporter Gillian Neff is an anchor and “12 on Health” reporter for News 12 Connecticut.

She regularly seeks out stories that will help viewers make informed health care choices. She spotlights medical cases that have had remarkable outcomes or cases in which patients have run into major obstacles such as denial of health insurance coverage or a medical mishap.

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