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↗ This video is about a new form of CGRP-blocking treatment – CGRP-blocking pills – in the works at Biohaven Pharmaceuticals and Allergan. Dr. Peter McAllister of the New England Institute for Neurology & Headache says he’s hoping they will be an option he can offer patients within a year. In clinical trial at New England Institute for Clinical Research, the pills proved to turn off migraine for many patients and be safe for people who have cardiovascular risk factors. Dr. McAllister says what works for one migraine patient doesn’t necessarily work for another. So these pills, he says, will offer the option of CGRP-blocking treatment that clears the system in 5 days versus 5 months for the CGRP-blocking injections. He says another plus to CGRP-blocking pills is that they don’t leave you with that foggy feeling some patients get when they are on triptans to alleviate their migraines.

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