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Angelo Termine
“It was like an ice pick was right in my head, the pain was unbelievable,” says Margie Bliga Margie Bliga says she’s been hit with migraine headaches almost every day for 24 years. And she’s not the only one. Dr. Peter McAllister, of New England Institute for Neurology & Headache says, “Chronic migraine, 15 or...
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After 17 years of interviewing doctors and others on the frontline treating stroke patients, I am realizing I’ve missed an important “quality of life” issue. I’ve been so focused on covering how patients can recover brain function and prevent additional strokes that I haven’t been covering the “arm problem.” THE ARM PROBLEM Technically it’s called...
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Okay, I’ve done the math. I have experienced an estimated 2,880 days of migraine so far in life (12 per month X 20 years). If it wasn’t for the triptan medication I take, all of those days would have been 100% ruined. Many of them weren’t salvaged and the pain and nausea went off the...
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