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Dr. Kate Mullin
Be honest, do you take your cellphone to bed? Do you check out Instagram or YouTube one more time, or catch up on emails? Today we’re hearing from doctors at NEINH – New England Institute for Neurology & Headache – what we can do to improve our quality of life, cut down on headaches, and...
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While putting together this video blog I was laughing at myself. What a hypocrite! I am anxious to get you these soundbites from doctors outlining exact headache triggers, thinking the information may help you out of a painful cycle… only to realize I’m drinking too much coffee (they spell out exactly how much is too...
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If you’re a frequent migraine sufferer and find yourself reaching for medication to stem the pain and nausea often, your doctor probably brought up the option of taking one of the new CGRP blockers. If the cost of it scared you off at first, listen to this: “Now you can get it for free” ~...
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