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Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

You take insurance, right?

Well, no.

Why don’t you take my insurance?

We believe insurers come between the patient and her/his doctor. With increasing bureaucratic red tape and dwindling reimbursement, physicians are forced to spend less and less time with patients (and they’re often staring at computers or tablets entering data to meet certain pay code levels). In our opinion, this is no way to take care of people.

So I actually pay you, then?

Correct. Just like you pay your accountant, your vet and your kid’s orthodontist. We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, and Bit Coins (kidding about the last one).

But, I can use my insurance somehow, right?

Of course. You pay us at the end of your visit and we’ll give you an itemized bill to submit to your insurance carrier. Those with out of network benefits will be reimbursed, generally at 50-80% of the fee (plans vary).

I have a Health Savings Account (HSA). Can I use my HSA debit card?

By all means. We checked into this one. We’re a qualified medical expense.

But I get Botox shots, and they’re pricey. Will I be on the hook for that?

We strongly doubt it. We can almost always get injectable medicines for you through your insurance.

I hear a lot about “boutique practices”. Are you one of those?

We’re not sure what that means. We like to think of ourselves as a cutting edge, holistic neurology, headache and research center providing compassionate, comprehensive care to adults and kids. And we don’t take insurance. If that’s your definition of boutique then we’re all in.

I need an MRI and a blood test. Covered, right?

Yep. No worries there.

Are you a “concierge practice”?

Only if you want. We define “concierge” as pay an annual fee up front to get your visits to any of our specialists here covered, plus fun perks like same day appointments, home visits, 24/7 doctor email and cell phone access. Since all that can be exhausting, we limit the concierge practice to 200 individuals or families. Our philosophy is, “we work for you”, and if the concierge model works for you, it works for us too.