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NEINH Personalized Concussion Care Center

NEINH Personalized Concussion Care Center is a fully integrated clinical and research center which provides individualized care to children, adolescents and adults who have suffered a concussion. Our team consists of neurologists, neuropsychologists, psychologists, nurses, vestibular physical therapist, massage therapists and dietitians who are experts in the field of concussion assessment and management.

In August, 2015, NEINH began a strategic partnership with the Concussion Center of Fairfield County to provide the highest level of concussion care to patients throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, New York.

Each concussion is unique.  At NEINH the evaluation and management is specific to the individual and the injury sustained. We create a treatment plan based on the individual’s age, past medical history, and symptoms at time of visit in order to facilitate a healthy recovery.

Our program has 3 main goals:

  • Provide the highest level of medical care to children, adolescents and adults with concussions, to allow for the fastest safest return to school, sports or work.
  • Increase research-based knowledge, skills and instrumentation used in evaluation and treatment of concussion
  • Improve the general knowledge of our community in regard to early recognition of concussion signs and symptoms and proper management of concussion to prevent long term complications. 

To assist us in achieving our goals, we have chosen to refrain from joining insurance companies that limit our time with patients and the services that we can provide. Therefore, we are considered out of network for all insurance companies. We will provide you with an itemized bill that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. If the injury occurred during a school sporting event, you may be eligible to use the school insurance to cover any out of pocket expenses not covered by your insurance. Please check with your school. We will be happy to complete any necessary forms.

Concussion Consult

We like to see our patients within the first 72 hrs of their injury for an initial evaluation.

Concussion Follow-up

You will be monitored on a regular basis, based on your personal needs. Each visit will be a time when we evaluate your progress, problem solve any issues and provide you with an updated plan of care.

Clinical Research

We are a dedicated clinical research facility.  Ask us if you qualify for a concussion or traumatic brain injury clinical trial.

Neuropsychologist Consult

A neuropsychological assessment by our pediatric or adult neuropsychologist may be included in a patient’s care to characterize cognitive and psychological functioning in the context of his/her concussion.

Concussion Therapy Services

PT, OT, Speech, Massage and more… Whether it’s in our office or the comfort of your home, we have a dedicated staff of therapists for every need.

Behavioral Medicine Services

Biofeedback, counseling, and much more. Our psychologists bridge the mind-body gap.

Personalized Concussion Concierge Services

For the ultimate in personalized concussion care, sign up for our all-in-one, bells-and-whistles concierge program. Pay one price at the beginning of the year and know that your loved one will be covered, flat out, for any and all injuries that we treat

Computerized Neuro-cognitive Testing

Evaluates how an individual’s brain is functioning after an injury. It looks at an individual’s working memory, processing speed and reaction time. Testing is performed to assist in managing a concussion and determining when it is safe to return to play.


Obtaining baseline information prior to an individual suffering a concussion can assist the clinician in determining the degree of cognitive deficits post injury as well as assisting with determining when it is safe to return the student-athlete to play.