Neurological Follow Up

You’re a work in progress. We’ve met and established an individualized diagnostic and treatment plan at the Neurological Consultation visit. Now, at the Neurological Follow-up visit, we go over how you’re doing, what the tests showed, what you’ve learned (yes, we often give out homework!). Since we’re holistic we’ll again ask a lot of questions about things like diet, sleep, exercise, stress, medication, side-effects, etc. We may examine you and ask you fill-out those standardized forms again, to compare them to your baseline.

At these 20-30 minute follow-up visits we continue to work together to further customize your health treatment plan. Our promise is to listen loudly, to educate, and to answer all of your questions. Once you’re doing great, the Neurological Follow-up visit serves as a “check-in” a few times a year to make sure all is well, renew prescriptions, chat and update us on your life.

Cost: $245