Nov 17, 2023

If you’re a frequent migraine sufferer and find yourself reaching for medication to stem the pain and nausea often, your doctor probably brought up the option of taking one of the new CGRP blockers.
If the cost of it scared you off at first, listen to this:
Now you can get it for free”
Free!?#  I actually thought I heard Dr. Mullin wrong when she said there are zero dollar co-pay cards available for all three of the CGRP auto-injector medications on the market right now.
AIMOVIG made by Amgen
AJOVY made by Teva
EMGALITY made by Lilly
I got excited because I’ve been learning about how scientists specifically designed this treatment to turn off the migraine cascade at its root.  And now that the first CGRP drug has been in use by patients for over four months, we are finding out that the medication works often. I say often, because the patient I spoke to says she used to have 22 migraine days per month, and with CGRP blocking Aimovig, she now only gets about 2 days of migraine a month.
 Dr. Mullin says economics are on our side when it comes to the three companies with CGRP blockers now available. “They all want to get their medications into patients’ hands quickly because now it’s the patient’s market really,” says Dr. Mullin.
Good thing because these medications can cost thousands a year and insurance coverage has been hit or miss. Dr. Mullin says, “Now is the time to jump on it. The only problem with some patients and their carriers is the deductibles. But it’s the end of the year, so most patients have met their deductibles already.”

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